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  • candles

    Our candle collection includes sabbats, full moons, nature inspired, elemental, special intentions,... 

  • Mugs

    Our mug collection includes astrology, social activism, pride, and humorous designs.  

  • gift wrap

    Our fun and inclusive gift wrap for birthdays, sabbats, pride, anniversaries, graduation,... 

  • Astrology

    Our astrology collection includes all the sun signs, Celtic tree signs, and... 

  • Love is Love

    This PRIDE collection includes items that affirm being true to YOU and... 

  • witches & pagans

    This collection features all things witch, wicca, pagan, and more! 

  • Social Activism

    This collection encompasses all our apparel and gear that promotes a positive... 

  • Spring

    Our spring collection includes Imbolc, Ostara, Irish pride, Aries, Beltane, Taurus, Gemini... 

  • Summer

    Our summer collection includes Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Midsummer, Lammas, and more!... 

  • Fall

    Our fall collection includes Lammas, Mabon, Samhain, Halloween, and more! 

  • Winter

    Our winter collection includes cozy mugs, comfy hoodies, and fun Yule gear. 

  • stickers & magnets

    Our sticker & magnet collection includes astrology, LGBTQ+, social activism, funny designs,... 

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